Therapeutic Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology is quite effective for assisting the body with various treatments, as it helps with blood supply and nerve supply and additionally also works on the energy fields of the body.
Reflexology is based on Zone Therapy, similar to Acupuncture, without needles, but by pressure of the fingers of the therapist.

Over the last few years, we have however been taking Reflexology Treatments TO THE NEXT LEVEL, by effectively combining them with other treatments, like:

  • (P)EMF Therapy — (Pulsed) Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Booster Treatments — a type of Electro-Acupuncture, without Needles
  • Body Energy Balancing — a unique Pure Energy Treatment which will balance the energy in your body and release stress and tension. Also balancing the Chakras in your body at the same time.
    • Meridian Polarity Correction — Testing and correcting the polarity of the specific Meridian and opening up blockages. (All 10 Fingers and 10 Toes)
    • Hemisphere Balancing — Balancing of the left and right Brain Hemispheres as well as the Body Energy and cleansing of the outer Energy Field of the Body's Aura.
  • Allergy Test (incl. Food, Beverages and Medication, as well as Chemicals and Environmental Factors)
  • Electro Acupuncture — Stimulating the specific Acupuncture Points on the hands and feet, to activate its related organ or function. (For some odd cases this might be necessary.)

Please have a LOOK how Energy Treatments can add to and round off good Reflexology Treatments and others !

Another alternative approach would be to do the ENERGY TREATMENT first, opening up the Energy Channels and making the following Treatments more effective. (Not that THIS would be anything the medics would believe in! - So SAD !!!
— Having and maintaining a sufficient LEVEL of and well-balanced Energy in your body - without blockages in your Meridians (or elsewhere) is of VITAL IMPORTANCE !!!
— If Energy lacks or blocks up, the body can no longer function optimally, similar to the pipework of a drain which is clogged up.

An Environmental Investigation might be needed before you attempt the above Treatments, to round all these off and to make sure you get all the benefit you can out of them. You should however have your home, especially the sleeping place (and possibly also your workplace) tested.

For more Information you may also like to visit the website of our other (in house) Division: Institute for Geopathology SA

So we can claim to have a really UNIQUE WAY for improving, supporting and sustaining your Health and Well-being and also prevent certain problems by using it as a preventative measure.

All the above mentioned treatments are totally transparent and will not interfere with conventional medical treatments, except for supporting the body to healing itself in a shorter time, by placing your body into a State of Equilibrium to reach Optimum Health. If you are unsure about any treatment, please contact us