Reflexology 2000 - ... helping your body to help itself !

Welcome to REFLEXOLOGY 2000

Founded in 1990 by Imelda Heindl, in Pretoria North, 25 years ago.
Since February 2008, Peter Heindl, is in charge of the business.

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Enjoying a gentle foot massage, which will not only let you
feel more relaxed,
. . . but also helps with various health problems …

"Reflexology is a gentle art of massage, that helps the body to heal itself,
as it opens up the energy flow and encourages the blood and nerve supply
through-out the body.

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All our staff are fully qualified and registered with (at least four of the following):

  • Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA)
  • The South African Institute of Reflexology (SAIR),
  • The South African Reflexology Society (TSARS),
  • The National Reflexology Association (TNRA),
  • International Association of Professional Health and Beauty Therapists (IAPHBT),
  • Occupational Association of Geopathologists (BFVG e.V. / Germany)

Treatments and Therapies on offer:

We also supply: Natural Health Products, incl. Herbal Teas,
Health Books, Reflexology Health Boards,
CDs (and Audio Tapes) on health related topics and with music to relax by,
DVDs on various (environmental) health topics, please ask for an updated list.

We also provide an unique and comprehensive (in-house) Health Service in co-operation with the Institute for Geopathology SA,
specialising in various chronic conditions, degenerative illnesses and environmental problems, especially those linked to
Geopathic Stress (Earth Rays) and Electro Stress (EMF/EMR: RF/HF/VHF/UHF/EHF and LF/ELF) as well as other (directly or indirectly) related Environmental Illnesses.